Dreams Field ~ Cooperstown ~ Little League Tournament



Saturday, August 14, 2010

DREAMS PARK, COOPERSTOWN ~ Little League Tournament

Cooperstown, New York
Little League Baseball
brought to you by
My Cousins !!!
My Little Cousin Justin is up in Cooperstown this week for
Tournament Baseball.
He’s there with Big Cousin, his POP, and someone who is a brother to me.
“Jolly Young Players”
you see below in red and white represent the
Long Beach Nationals Baseball Club
Long Beach ~ Lido Beach Little League
Scenes from Tent City
These are pins the players are trading with each other.
The Tribe pin on the left belongs to the Virginia Beach team.
The pin on the right is from a team hailing from Seattle.
This is Long Beach’s cap with more collected pins.
And here’s an Umpire’s Pin.
This was my CUZ earlier this season in game action…
…Legging out an extra-base hit!
where there will be a
this afternoon.
The beautiful mountains of upstate New York
and Baseball.
The HOME RUN DERBY is next.
This will be an on-going post so keep checking out this page for as
long as our team stays in competition during the week.
I will keep posting updates and pictures as fast as my cousin can keep me updated!
These are helpful links if you want to follow along:

and this link is spectacular for the pictures alone. 
It’s all the coverage of the
Cooperstown’s American Youth Baseball
Hall of Fame Invitational Tournaments
You can watch any game you chose in the tourney.

I’m waiting for the first update on how Justin is doing during his turn in the
Home Run Derby
The shadows you see in the foreground are all the parents and fans.
That’s as close as the Tournament would allow them!  LOL
Parents are the worst!
: D
The Final report on Justin’s day in the HR Derby:
He hit 2 Home Runs.  Pop said he hit a bunch of frozen ropes.
Two more went off the wall.
But alas, no 2nd round.
The Tournament starts in earnest tomorrow.
Dave will be coaching and we are going to get field level pictures!
Here’s the Levittown Cyclones team pin.
That concludes
**DAY 2**
SUNDAY ~ August 15, 2010
Long Beach Nationals play this afternoon at 1:45p.m.
Here are scenes from an early game.
It’s game time!
Justin is #14 and playing Left Field today.
He’ll be batting 6th in the line-up
Justin is all suited up
The team poses for a pre-game picture
Scene of today’s action.  First things first ~ Stretching!
Long Beach Nationals (NY)
Cheviot Hills Bombers (CA)
Justin at the bat
I’ll be updating as I get pics and info from my cousin.
You can watch ALL the games on the Cooperstown WebStream.
A big moment in this game ~ Long Beach leading 4-1 in the bottom
of the 4th inning.  Cheviot Hills had the bases loaded with two out.  A wild pitch by Long Beach allowed the home team to score another run and move the runners along to 2nd and 3rd base.
The score stood 4-2 in the bottom of the 4th with two outs, in a 6 inning game.  With the lead in the balance stellar defense from the left side preserved the 4-2 lead for the Long Beach Nats.  Long Beach scored an insurance run in the top of the 6th.
By the way, Tournament Rules prohibit pictures being taken from the field.
BoY!!  They are really really smart! 
I guess as an aside I’ll keep updating you on the rules
as we go along also.  LOL
When it was all said and done, the visiting team of today’s game,
defeated the home team; Cheviot Hills Bombers
Congratulations Boys!!
To the young men of the Bombers I say you’ve done everything this afternoon
to exemplify why this is the greatest game in the world with your gamesmanship,
desire, high level of proficiency and respect for the game.  Well Done.
stay tuned for some vids on YouTube.
This is the final out securing Long Beach’s victory.
The traditional handshake follows.
The second game for the
Long Beach Nationals is this evening at 7 p.m.
Field #18
Currently  as/of  8 p.m.
bottom of the 2nd inning
Our Long Beach hurler is struggling with control.
He has walked 9 batters in 2 innings worked.
Justin is turning his bat into saw dust today.
I’m not exaggerating when I say he’s an excellent little slugger.
He hits ropes. 
I can only think he just thinking too much and angering himself.
C’mon Cuz….We Gotcha!!
Stay tuned for more updates.
(VA) Huskies ~ 11
(NY) Nationals ~ 2
5th inning
OK ~ Things didn’t end so well in the night cap for our Nationals.

Huguenot Huskies (VA)  ~  12
Long Beach (NY)  ~  4
Get a good night’s sleep boys.
Tomorrow’s schedule has the L.B. Nationals playing
11 a.m.
and   4 p.m.
Check in then.
Monday  August 16, 2010
The first game for the Long Beach Nationals today was scheduled for 11 a.m. this morning.
The game was held up by rain but they played a full game afterwards.
Game One
The field received the pre-game treatment.

And then the rain came…….and went.
The Game:
The Nationals were down early 4-0.  In the 4th inning they mounted a furious comeback
and plated 7 runs to make it a 7-4 game.
The HammerHeads answered back with one run in the 5th inning to make it 7-5. 
Moving on to the 6th inning, the home team Nationals needed to protect their lead.
Big Dave said with runners on first and third and no outs, it was time to summon the National’s closer.  The Hammerheads made it 7-6 but the Nats managed to secure two outs during that time.
The final out was made and victory belonged to the home team.
The Long Beach Nationals (NY)
Dane County HammerHeads (NC)
* * * * *
Game Two
The Long Beach Nationals
next game is 4p.m.
Wellesley Raiders (MA)
The early reports aren’t good.
The Nationals are down to the Raiders 3-0 after 3 innings.
Wellesley’s pitcher is throwing gas.  75+ on the gun.
He has 8 strikeouts through three innings.

In a word…
The updates were coming in.  My Cuz was txt’ing me.
First it was 3-0
Then 6-0
then 10-0
finally 12-0
…and ultimately

That’s why you have to have a short memory in Baseball,
because tomorrow is another day to win. 
Today no longer matters and has nothing to do with tomorrow.
There is only one thing that matters right now;
Go out tomorrow and play hard.
Big Cuz said this Wellesley Raiders (MA) team is the best he has seen so far.
The Long Beach Nationals are now 2-2.
There are two games remaining in Pool Play.
Three wins will most likely get us into Wednesday’s games.  They need one more.
Securing a spot for Wednesday play with only two wins will require a lot of help
from the other teams and those results.
That’s the way today played itself out.
Two more games tomorrow ~ Be there.
That’s Baseball!

Stay tuned



  1. theheirloom

    Mike, this is absolutely terriffic!

    My brother just stepped down as President of the LL in Lake Forest/El Toro/Mission Viejo, CA. My nephew played in the league for a few years, but I’m not what the kid’s going to do now. I’m indeed proud of both of them!


  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Thanks for the positive feed back everyone! I’ll make sure and forward all the good sentiments my cousin’s way. Keep checking back to this page because this will be an on going page. Everytime they update me, I’m trying to get it up as fast as I can.

  3. raysrenegade

    There was a young Yankee and Rays fan behind me on Sunday that was going to be up in Cooperstown this week that gotthe extra gift of two foul balls from that Rays game. The first one hit well to our left and wandered over to me seat and I kicked the ball back for him to grab it ( I have enough of them).
    Second one was in the eighth inning and was coming right for me and some jerk pushed my glove out of the way and I made usre the ball rolled to him again by tying the guy’s hands up.
    Two foul balls, one hit by Ben Zobrist, and one by Brian Roberts, the kid was in baseball heaven.

    Told him a few exhibits he had to see up in Cooperstown and was excited he got to play on that sacred grounds. His grandparents live in Florida, and he told me he will cometo a Rays game again and tell me about his trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame and playing on that glorious green field.

    Rays Renegade


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